Fermion API plant expansion in Hanko is almost ready

At Fermion’s plant in Hanko work has started on the penultimate stage before the plant is taken into operation.  At the end of the year the factory should be ready for a production test run.











A topping-out ceremony was held at Fermion's plant in Hanko in February 2017. At that point, the structure of the 5-storey building was ready, but the contents were still missing.  The large production machinery, weighing thousands of kilos, was already in place, as it needed to be brought into the building before the walls were constructed. Otherwise the rooms only started filling up during spring, summer and autumn. In under a year, an empty building is being created into a modern, efficient and safe production plant.

"The final push will start at the end of the year when we test all equipment and processes at the facility and carry out qualification. The goal is for us to be able to make the first production runs next spring," says Kim Nylund, Project Director at Fermion.


Safety first

At the new factory, several production processes have been designed to be isolated, which means chemicals are loaded and emptied in high containment. High containment minimises the exposure and contamination risks, and protects employees, quality and patients.

In addition to the normal safety and building technology, the building is also equipped with an air quality monitoring system, which for example monitors the production premises for solvent emissions.


Safety and well-being with automation

The high level of automation at the department plays an important part in ensuring product, equipment and personal safety. The process equipment and utility systems are connected to the process automation or building automation system, which means there is continuous monitoring.

"Representatives of the production personnel have been actively involved in the process and automation planning, and risk assessment. This ensures that we will get something that is as functional as possible for production use," says Martti Rytkönen, EHS Engineer at the Hanko plant.


Efficient, modern and safe plant

The investment project is an important demonstration of Fermion's ability and expectations are high. In particular, everyone at Hanko is looking forward to an efficient, modern and safe plant.