Fermion extends its particle engineering capabilities

Fermion strengthens its particle engineering capabilities by investing in micronization of both standard APIs and HPAPIs in small to medium scale commercial production.

With the new equipment Fermion is capable of micronizing compounds that require a 0,1 µg/m3 containment level, e.g. respiratory APIs. Currently, Fermion has large commercial scale API micronization capabilities at its Hanko site with different types of equipment intended for both standard and HPAPIs. The new equipment will be located at the Oulu site and it will be operational in 2017.

Particle engineering at Fermion is a larger solution package including not only micronization but also R&D expertise in crystallization, online monitoring and characterization of physicochemcial properties. The current investment completes the set of Fermion’s extensive particle engineering capabilities and ensures a continuous value chain for customers requiring API and HPAPI micronization from laboratory scale to commercial production.