API Contract Manufacturing Services

Fermion is a contract manufacturing supplier of APIs, HPAPIs and advanced intermediates with best-in-class facilities and high level of automation.

Fermion delivers cost-efficient synthesis, process development and life-cycle management solutions to customers within the pharmaceutical value chain to the patient.

Working with Fermion is an experience beyond the traditional sponsor – CMO relationship. With us, you can tap into the many benefits of working with a company with its roots in innovative drug development, exploiting the cost efficiency concepts of process optimization discovered in generic API development and commercialization. With the stability we enjoy by being part of a publically listed international pharmaceutical company, Orion, we are equipped to continue developing our strengths and delivering you the benefits of a one-stop API CDMO today and tomorrow.

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For further information, please contact:

Teemu Korhonen
Business Development Manager
Contract Development and Manufacturing (CDMO)

e-mail: teemu.korhonen(a)fermion.fi