Fermion is committed to responsibility and continuous improvement

The operations and activities in Fermion are based on compliance with laws and regulations, as well as with ethically acceptable operating practices. These principles, together with Fermion’s Values are the key drivers for us in our  approach to corporate responsibility in our daily work, in whatever we do.

We are committed to sustainable development and constantly improving performance, aiming for highest standards in the industry with respect to the environment, health and safety. We aim to be a trustworthy partner in terms of economic, social and environmental criteria. We also aim to be an attractive and solid workplace, respecting human rights and equality. Our commitment to responsibility allows us to expect the same from our business partners.

Fermion is part of Orion Group, a Finnish company specialising in pharmaceuticals and diagnostic tests ─ a globally operating builder of well-being. Orion publishes a sustainability report once a year and Fermion’s sustainability metrics are published as part of the Group’s report. Although reporting on corporate responsibility is voluntary for Finnish enterprises so far, we consider it important. In addition to reporting, we also want to demonstrate in our daily operations that we care about the consequences of our activities and choices and that we make continuous efforts to improve our performance towards our targets.

You can access the Group's Sustainability information on this website.