Health and Safety

We consider product responsibility to be one of the top priorities of corporate responsibility. As a manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients, we emphasise our responsibility for the safety of our products. Responsibility and caring are an integral, uncompromised and natural part of everything we do at Fermion. Product safety is linked to all our activities. The responsibility of the manufacturer and the manufacturer’s principal for the safety, quality and uncompromised compliance with requirements extends through all the phases and functions included inresearch and development, procurement, manufacturing, marketing and communications.

The legal and regulatory requirements by  healthcare authorities, the primary purpose of which is to ensure patient safety, are guiding our activities in everything we do. In addition, we also follow the commonly agreed codes of harmonised practices applied by our industry internationally.

As a working community of highly educated professionals it is important for us to ensure that employees are committed to Fermion as their employer, and that they are satisfied with their working conditions, work assignments and the way they are rewarded for good work. We want our employees to feel that they have opportunities for professional development and that their experience to be doing high quality, rewarding and inspiring work that is socially important,and that their working community is well managed and safe and people are equally and fairly treated.