Fermion In the World’s Forefront of Safety

Fermion has attained level I, “In the World’s Forefront of Safety”, in the Zero-Accident Forum’s evaluation of the occupational safety level in 2015. This classification is awarded to the member workplace of the Zero-Accident Forum whose level of safety ranks in the world’s forefront of occupational safety. There are three levels in the classification and Fermion reached the highest level. Fermion is very proud of this classification which is a sign of its dedication to one of our core values, the safety of our employees.

The criteria for attaining the highest safety level are as follows:

  1. There is a system for recording close calls and safety observations.

  2. All accidents are investigated.

  3. The staff of the company of external staff working at the company premises have not had

    • Permanent disability to work due to an accident at the workplace
    • Workplace accident causing death
    • Forced actions taken on the company by the authorities based on workplace safety
  4. Accidents of external staff working at company premises are investigated together with the external employer

  5. Workplace accident incidence:  ≤5 accidents / 1 million working hours (lost working time due to injury 1 or more days)

  6. Days off work due to a workplace accident:  ≤ 25 days / 1 million working hours

The Zero-Accidents Forum, founded in 2003, is a network of Finnish employers coordinated by the Finnish Institute for Occupational Health and the membership is voluntary. The aim of the Forum is to promote increasing workplace safety at Finnish companies and to spread best practices in the field. The Forum announced the 2015 classifications of the member companies in a seminar on May 10th in Helsinki, Finland. This is the first time we have received the highest level in the safety classification. The classification is awarded for one year at a time and the system boosts member companies to strive for making continuous improvements to advance workplace safety.