Fermion has systematically built up its capabilities ever since its establishment and has by now close to 50 years’ experience in the development and manufacturing of APIs.


Fermion Oy was established as a 50-50 joint venture of Rikkihappo Oy (the current Kemira Oyj) and Orion in 1970. It aimed to manufacture penicillin and semisynthetic antibiotics as well as certain synthetic active ingredients.


Fermion acquired the Espoo active ingredient plant from Orion and began producing synthetic active ingredients in three shifts. In the first years Espoo plant manufactured about 20 products including e.g. guaifenesin, Vera chlorhexidine and metocarbamol.


Fermion’s main office and laboratory building was completed in Espoo.


Fermion’s Hanko plant was completed. It featured both a large fermenting plant for penicillin production and a small-scale chemical plant (production unit 1) for further processing.


The fermenting plant was sold to Suomen Sokeri in 1977, after which the manufacture of semi-synthetic antibiotics continued for a few years until production changed over completely to the production of synthetic active ingredients.


Orion assumed full ownership of Fermion Oy and it became a business unit in Orion Group.


Fermion’s Hanko plant was expanded (production unit 2).


Following the acquisition of Farmos Group by Orion the Farmos’ chemical plant in Oulu became part of Fermion. This plant was originally built in 1974 by a Finnish pharmaceutical company Medipolar Oy and later expanded in 1984.


Fermion’s Hanko plant was expanded (production unit 3).


The current Fermion Oy was incorporated.


A new bench scale department was completed in Espoo.


The latest of the several expansions of Fermion Oulu plant, a pilot plant unit, was completed.


Expansion of Fermion’s bench scale unit was completed.


Unit 4 expansion at Hanko was completed. The oldest unit 1 was closed.


Fermion’s marketing team took responsibility over Orion Group’s contract manufacturing business.