Fermion opened new suite for high potency APIs

Fermion’s strategy to develop its capabilities to fulfill customers’ continuously growing needs in the area of high potency APIs is progressing. At Oulu facility, Fermion opened a new pilot scale unit, Module 10. This stage of the art module is containing 2x400 and 1x250L reactors, equipped with split valves, glove boxes and isolators ensuring OEB-5 at all operations. Module is a three-store building, with its own HVAC system. It is controlled area where microbes and particles are monitored. Charging of reactors using split valves and weighing isolator is on the top floor. Hastelloy filter dryer equipped with mill inside of the isolator is on the second floor. Hastelloy inverting filter centrifuge is on the ground floor. Normal batch size ranges from 2 kg up to 20 kg. Module can operate in the temperature range between -15 °C - +160 °C and pressure range between -1 bar - +6 bar.