Fermion and Pharmatory - API contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) from preclinical to commercial stages

Fermion and Pharmatory have recently signed formal collaboration agreement to provide CDMO services for customers’ API development projects from preclinical to commercial stages. Our complementary service packages enable a seamless project transfer from early development and small scale manufacturing to further optimization and scale-up together with commercial production. Fermion is a fully owned subsidiary of Orion Corporation while Pharmatory is a small privately owned service company, both located in Finland, Europe.


Pharmatory provides process development and manufacturing services for NCE projects from preclinical to early phases. For later development stages and the rest of the lifecycle, Fermion offers process development and larger scale manufacturing services. Both companies have a long history in the pharma industry, Fermion almost 50 years in API manufacturing and Pharmatory almost 20 years in chemical development service sector.


Pharmatory and Orion Corporation have worked together for over 10 years in various API development projects. This proven collaboration, supported by our shared work ethics, standard practices and cultural coherence, ensures a safe and smooth transfer of all project-related information between the companies. The customer benefits from this collaboration as an unbroken path for API development and manufacturing for full product lifecycle and smaller investments in project outsourcing.


We are both very excited about moving to this new service concept to serve our customers better and are happy to provide you with more detailed information about the possibilities and benefits of our collaboration.


Contact information:


Teemu Korhonen
Business Development Manager
Contract Development and Manufacturing (CDMO)




Jaana Karjalainen, PhD (Chem.), eMBA

Managing Director