Fermion won CMO leadership award 2018 in Reliability, Quality, Expertise and Service

Fermion has won a 2018 CMO Leadership Award in the following categories:

Expertise (Overall)

Quality (Overall)

Reliability (Overall)

Service (Overall)


Fermion is delighted regarding this recognicion from our customers. Arto Toivonen, Fermion President commented this recognicion with following words:

“Fermion has long experience in API development and manufacturing which is seen in the quality of our products and supply reliability. In all what we do we apply high safety and sustainability standards. In addition to the continuous improvement of our operations, we systematically expand our technical capabilities, recent investments in high potency API production units being a prime example. We are delighted to see that this constant development is also recognized and appreciated by our customers.”


For the 2018 CMO Leadership Awards, Life Science Leader magazine once again partnered with Industry Standard Research (ISR) to determine the award recipients:


“Industry Standard Research is honored to conduct the market research for Life Science Leader CMO Awards. ISR’s stringent screening processes and the high caliber of qualification required to participate in our contract manufacturing benchmarking market research means that real customers provide experiential feedback on their involvement with contract suppliers over the past 18 months. This enables users of ISR’s market research to make confident business decisions based on the experiences of their industry peers.” Andrew Schafer, President of Industry Standard Research.


Additional information regarding these awards can be found from: