The new manufacturing unit 4 at Fermion’s Hanko site has started operation

The three-year project at Fermion's Hanko plant was completed in early summer. Fermion’s new plant, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, will be up to full speed after summer. First batches has been completed in the reactors, and the authorities found the plant quality to be superb. Unit 4 will meet the tightening requirements on quality, safety, the environment and occupational health, and the increasing demand.

Fermion specialises in particular in challenging, high-potency APIs. "Their market segment is growing faster on average than the market of all active pharmaceutical ingredients," Arto Toivonen, President of Fermion Oy says.

In the new facility, increasingly more APIs will be manufactured in a completely closed process. "The ingredients are not processed openly, which means that the personnel will not be exposed to them," says Antti Salo who is in charge of the commissioning of the new facility.

“Progress and pioneering spirit are visible at the new Fermion facility in many ways. In addition to the state-of-the-art production equipment, the facility boasts genuinely intelligent processes, a first-rate automation level and highly advanced process development." says Plant Manager Martti Mikkola.

The Hanko plant will operate every day throughout the year, in three shifts. The only exception is the one-month summer break in July. "This is when we do the annual service at the plant," Mikkola says.

Fermion offers our contract development and manufacturing services at this new unit also to external customers. In case that you are interested in this or in our other CDMO services, please contact:

Teemu Korhonen

Contract Development and Manufacturing (CDMO)


Please see presentation video from new unit and few pictures below: