Highlights of Fermion's environmental investments


Material efficiency

We know the most central material flows in our production operations. We identify the items needing development to minimise our waste flows. We forward our recyclable surplus materials for further re-use purposes. We manufacture our products right first time. We reduce the proportion of hazardous waste of our total waste.

Waste water management

We know the quality of our waste waters. We reduce the environmental burden on waterways caused by our operational sites by minimising the residues of harmful chemicals in our waste waters.

Energy efficiency

We targetfully improve the efficient use of energy and reduce our energy consumption applying practices determined in our Energy Management System. We participate in the energy efficiency programmes pursued by industry associations relevant to us.

Emissions into air and climate change

We contribute to the prevention of climate change by reducing CO2 and VOC emissions into air.

Supplier approval process and management

In the selection and management of our suppliers and collaboration partners we pay attention to their ability to meet the required levels of EHS affairs management.


Fermion is also part of the Responsible Care initiative of the International Council of Chemical
. Responsible Care® is a global voluntary initiative under which companies,
through their national associations, work together to continuously improve their health, safety
and environmental performance, and to communicate with stakeholders about their products
and processes.