Fermion, which is part of the Orion Corporation, is a Finnish manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that is most well-known for its highly potent APIs (HPAPIs), which require special expertise. Fermion has over 200 customers globally.

In Hanko, the new production unit 4 was completed in 2018, at which time part of the new factory premises were left empty to await future growth investments. Now, Fermion has completed investment for one of the vacant special synthesis facilities which is currently taken into use for commercial production. Completion of this investment will increase and enhance the manufacturing capacity of Hanko plant with 13m3 of reactor capacity.

Fermion has also completed automated fine impact milling and packaging line for OEB4 API’s. This line has pre-milling equipment, online particle analyzing and homogenization capability.

Next even larger investment for additional capacity (20m3) is also in progress with estimated completion Q1 2026.

With these investments Fermion will be able to secure and increase supply to our external customers in growing market demand. These investments also clearly show Fermion’s commitment to developing the operations of the Hanko API site and the desire to invest in serving our customers.