Fermion’s latest investment decision in micronization is to install OEB5 classified systems capable for production of batch sizes from 200g up to 100kg at Fermion’s Oulu site.

The technical set up will include both pin mills and jetmills of sizes 6” and 4” with various surface materials. There will also be a blender both for homogenization and mixing of materials and a state of the art system for modifying the crystal properties after the micronization. The investment will naturally be integrated to Fermion’s current process automation system. The whole space of almost 200m2 will be inaugurated by the end of the year 2023. The new investment will serve customers having not only APIs for dry powder inhalers but also APIs requiring only small particle size adjustment.

Micronization is an important particle engineering technique that Fermion is well versed in and already provides as a service to many of our customers. With demand for this type of service increasing due to the trend toward more challenging APIs, we are further expanding our micronization capabilities to ensure our continued ability to meet our customers’ needs going forward, extending our one-stop-shop position into the future.

At Fermion, effective particle engineering has been achieved by developing a thorough understanding of crystallization processes combined with implementation of full automation in production. Crystallization and particle engineering issues are considered at the very earliest stages of each project. The extensive crystallization knowhow and wide range of particle engineering technologies, combined with the use of detailed R&D studies and a variety of milling capabilities, allows Fermion to rapidly develop processes that not only provide high yields, but also highly desirable properties (e.g., stability, processability) and impurity control.