Dear Valued Fermion Customer

The year end is approaching, and I and I together with whole Fermion team, want to take this moment to express our gratitude to you for the continued collaboration between our companies.
The pandemic years and the recent instability period here in Europe have challenged the pharma operations and global pharma supply chains. We at Fermion have not been immune to the challenges, either. With hard work, dedication, and professionalism of our entire personnel we have managed to secure our flexible and resilient supply capability and our ability to serve our customers and collaborators.
I trust that together with You we have jointly well contributed to our share of the healthcare ecosystem in various regions. And in the end, this will realize to the benefit of the patients dependent on our products. To ensure that we will be able to do this also in the future we have carried out in 2022 further investments into our production facilities as well as several continual improvements to our quality and sustainable operations. Our R&D, too, has been busy with custom synthesis work as well as projects to widen our future product offerings. We look forward to more opportunities for growth together with You.
Wishing you a peaceful Holiday Season and Wonderful New Year,
Arto Toivonen 2022
Fermion President
Arto Toivonen