Hanko site


Fermion’s manufacturing site in Hanko comprises three manufacturing units for intermediates and APIs, distillery, hydrogenation unit, maintenance, warehouses, QC laboratory and administrative functions. The site has a VOC-incineration plant and a shared chemical and biological wastewater treatment plant. The facility’s focus is on high volume APIs up to production volumes over 300 metric tons per annum. The site is also equipped with closed process technology for highly potent APIs (HPAPI). Out of the three manufacturing units, unit 2 is used to manufacture intermediates, whereas only final APIs are produced in unit 3. The newest installment, unit 4, can manufacture both final APIs and intermediates. Over 180 Fermion employees work at the Hanko site. See more information about API contract development and manufacturing services.

Hanko facility in a nutshell:

  • Regularly inspected by USFDA and FIMEA (EMA)
  • Three production units with a total of 250 m3reactor capacity
  • Reactor capacity of 25 mfor OEB5 (0,1 – 1 µg/m3) classified APIs
  • Reactor sizes from 1000 l to 6300 l
  • Fully automated API production
  • Separate micronization and milling areas
  • Semi-automated packaging with continuous liners
  • Dedicated areas for manufacturing class IV-narcotics and large scale immunosuppressants
  • Buss loop reactor of 500 l for hydrogenations up to 80 bar
  • New investment project started for HPAPI suite of 12,5m3 reactor volume, operational in 2023

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