Orion's Turku site


Orion’s manufacturing facility in Turku produces oral solids and semi-solids including gels, ointments, creams and liquids. The site is regularly inspected by USFDA and FIMEA (EMA). Also Brazilian, Turkish and Russian authorities among others have inspected the facility. Products are sold also to Japan. All contract manufacturing services of Orion group are marketed by Fermion. See more information about drug product contract manufacturing services.

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Semi-solids introduction

Fermion offers contract development and manufacturing services of hormonal and non-hormonal semi-solids and liquids. These services are marketed by Fermion but provided by the mother company Orion Corporation.

Oral solids in Turku

  • Direct mixing, high shear mixing, fluid bed drying
  • Batch sizes starting from less than 100kg
  • OEB5, cytotoxics
  • 1 billion tablets / capsules in 2020
  • 2,3 million packages of cytotoxic oral solids in 2020

Non-hormonal creams, ointments and liquids production in Turku

  • One syringe line, two tube lines, one bottle line
  • 150-1000 litre batch sizes
  • OEB4-5, products for human and veterinary
  • 811 tons of bulk products in 2020
  • 4,8 million packages in 2020

Hormonal gels, creams and solutions production in Turku

  • Single dose sachet line and three lines for bottles, all with serialisation
  • 150-200 litre batch sizes
  • OEB4-5
  • 99 tons of bulk products in 2020
  • 2,7 million packages with serialisation capability in 2020